Litter-Robot 4

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Stop scooping cat litter, neutralize litter box odors, and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Litter-Robot 4. Elegantly designed to maximize comfort for cats of all sizes, Litter-Robot 4 features advanced litter-sifting technology, reduced litter tracking, and real-time monitoring of waste and litter levels through the Whisker app. Join 1 million pet parents who’ve changed their lives with cats.


  • Never scoop again
  • Drastically reduce litter box odors
  • Minimize litter tracking with included fence & step
  • Monitor litter box usage right from your phone
  • MultiCat design suits up to 4 catsIncludes: 1 Litter-Robot 4, 3 drawer liners, 1 Litter-Robot 4 Carbon Filter, 1 Litter-Robot 4 Fence, 1 Litter-Robot 4 StepIntended Pet(s): Cat

    Color: Black

    Product Dimensions: 22 in x 27 in x 29.5 in

    Product Weight: 24 lb

    Compatible With: The Whisker app is compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 13.0 or greater and Android devices 8.0 or greater. Both the iOS app and the Android app are available to download.


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